Indirizzo: Località Casano di Sopra – 53026 – Pienza – Siena – Italy

Telefono: +39 3381272751

Email: biancamascagni@hotmail.it

Facebook: mascagni organic farm

Instagram: mascagni_organicfarm


My name is Bianca, I am an independent farmer and my idea is to do organic farming in an innovative way.

I want to take on roads not yet traveled on the farm founded and managed by me in Tuscany.


Mascagni Organic Farm

“Everything seems impossible until the moment we act; then you realize that it was possible” Evelyn Underhill
Mascagni Organic Farm is my farm where I work with my father every day.


Mascagni Organic Farm

The new olive grove
I planted 7000 plants just over 50 cm high one and a half meters from each other, forming real rows of olive trees reminiscent of the Brunello vineyards of the nearby fields.

A new idea of Olivicultura

I am an olive grower always looking for new techniques that allow me to obtain exceptional fruits while respecting life and the environment.
I reduce the waste of natural resources and agricultural pollution with precision agronomic methods with high technology and low environmental impact.
What makes the extra virgin olive oil made by me unique is that it comes from a dream: to transform a new idea of ​​olive growing into a real, functional and eco-sustainable project.
Every day I fall in love more with my land, my job and above all my oil … find out why and follow my adventures on my Instagram account mascagni_organicfarm !!

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