Indirizzo: Località Casano di Sopra – 53026 – Pienza – Siena – Italy

Telefono: +39 3381272751

Email: biancamascagni@hotmail.it

Facebook: mascagni organic farm

Instagram: mascagni_organicfarm

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Mascagni Organic Farm

I collect the olives with my father in the first cold days of autumn, when they are still rich in polyphenols and not fully ripe. We start at dawn and when the sun goes down we select the best olives from those just picked to take to the mill. It is precisely from these fresh olives that are harvested and crushed just 9 hours after their detachment from the tree that we obtain a 100% Chemical Free organic extra virgin olive oil.
A good oil that, as the Tuscan tradition dictates, stands out over all the dishes.
Seeing is believing!
You can feel the intense vegetable aromas of freshly cut grass and Mediterranean essences in perfect balance with its authentic and unmistakable taste.
And then it has an extra gear that makes it unique …
it’s done with all my love !!! 😊

To find out more and to buy my oil, write to: biancamascagni@hotmail.it
And follow my daily work in the company on the instagram account mascagni_organicfarm

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